Friday, July 10, 2009

Omaha Steaks

Chris and I received a gift card at a shower for Omaha Steaks. So during my wedding registry exchange adventure today {which Macy's was RUDE, Crate and Barrel was sooooo nice} I thankfully remembered the gc we had and went to Omaha Steaks across from CB. Not really sure if there are any more in STL but I digress. The point is that I found a coupon is the value saver or whatever it is called {yes, I am finally starting to use coupons!} that seemed like a really good deal!

The coupon I had was for $39.99 and came with an additional 6 free burgers! The very nice sales lady also offered me a 3 additional items {from a list} for $19.99.

The gc was for $50 so decided it was worth getting some extra stuff. So I selected:
Mediterranean Chicken Breasts
Polynesian Pork Chops
Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For lunch today I had a gourmet frank and it was quite good! We are definitely stocked in the meat department for a while....we might need to have a party and grill out.

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