Sunday, July 12, 2009

French Memory Refreshed! DIY in under 30min.

This french memory board needed a makeover. Something a little more special but not too much going on that it takes away from what it may display...

This project cost $0 as I used items that I already had. That is the best kind of makeover! I cannot believe how fast this project will go even faster if you gather all your materials and have the hot glue gun plugged in and ready!

I removed the covered buttons on the top and saw that they were glued on over staples. I then removed the backing and had to reattach the small wooden pieces where some of the staples would hit. I used ATG taped to help it stick.

Black grosgrain ribbon with a white boarder was applied to the front and stapled in place.

I then used buttons that were intended for a winter coat {hello! its summer, who cares about new buttons!} and hot glued them where the ribbons crossed.

The buttons did not have a flat back...which caused them to not lay flat. I like the design on the buttons, so we will give it a whirl. They are glued pretty securely, so they should hold up just fine.
The refreshed french memory board may find a home in the new kitchen! Since the fridge is off limits, it would be great to display invitations and pictures {on a wall...away from the reach of Frankie!}

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