Tuesday, July 14, 2009

banana bread

yum. My grandma has the.best.ever. banana bread recipe. It just wrong how good it is.

I cannot eat a banana if it has even one dark spot on it...in fact I like them when they were green 10 minutes ago and now yellow. Anybody else?

I have been planning on making banana bread with my rejected banana's for about 2 weeks now. Chris asked me last night if I was going to let them turn completely black. um, yes actually. ;)

Now I was not really waiting for that, but today was the day I decided to finally do it. With the kitchen full of dirty dishes, china, pots, pans...etc...it was the perfect day! Prep batter...bake for 50 min and clean the kitchen in the meantime.

It smells. to. die. for. (will update with pic)

Did anyone ever get the banana bread toast from Cyrano's? Wow. that is some good toast.

Ok..I am rambling. must need more coffee.

One last note. I am in love with this batter bowl from Crate and Barrel (Thanks Jami!)
was not on the registry, but boy and I glad she veered. I use it for practically everything! love.

{Crate and Barrel}

no that is NOT my kitchen. heh. pancakes look good ;)


  1. I have to eat my bananas green 10 minutes ago as well or it grosses me out AND I have that batter bowl and it rocks!!

  2. too funny Stephanie!

    People think I am weird about spotty banana's.


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