Wednesday, July 29, 2009

middle maiden married

I changed my name. officially. I decided I could not let go of my maiden name so I added it to my middle name. Good idea? Not really sure. So I went to the DMV to get my license changed, and my maiden would not fit with my first middle names in the space on the license where it would go. The DMV lady wanted to hyphenate me, but I did not legally hyphenate, so I told her that would not work. Then she wanted to put my last name as Maiden Married. Again, I said, not legally what I did so that would not work. Finally we settled on First Middle Married. It feels weird.

I so have to get used to the idea. Especially when I was on my way home I realized that I signed my new license with my maiden name. oops.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


After searching and searching all day. My wonderful husband comes home {worked late} and joins in the search. Low and behold, he finds it after 20 mins. Where was it? Well, on a door knob...under a plastic shopping bag, under a paper gift bag, under 2 large handbags...I really do not know how I even fit it all on the knob.

I have a thing for door knobs. And for the record, I did check the inside of the 2 handbags, the inside of the paper gift bag, and the inside of the plastic shopping bag. I just did not take the plastic shopping bag off the knob. lol.

bridal brain

I have suffered from bridal brain {similar to baby brain} for most of the planning process. Now that I am a newlywed, I cannot seem to kick it...or rather I am still feeling the aftermath.

I make no excuse for my clutter problem, combine that with the brain issue and it is a mess. I lose things. can't find them, then they show up in some crazy place. I have one spot that I put the most important of all items that I do not want to lose, but not everything can fit there.

Chris will joke with me about it. Sometimes I laugh and other times I get really p-o'd.

So my latest items that I am trying to locate are my wedding day clutch and earrings. I know for fact I had them the morning after the wedding when we had lunch at the Westin...from there, I am not sure. I know the clutch held important items {id, camera, cash} that made it into another handbag. So it was here. in this house.

I looked everywhere...under the bed, sofa, chair. In the office, in the bigger bag I carried on the wedding day...the list goes on...I even checked the laundry room thinking maybe it made it down the shoot? I simply cannot find it.

This post is already getting too long, but I called Chris to see if he had seen it {yeah right!} and he laughed at my forgetfulness, and told me that he had not see it, but had seen the little gold coin purse in the garage that I always misplace. don't ask. or do. :o)

Hmmm....the search continues.

Have you seen me?

Monday, July 20, 2009

changing names-got my hand slapped

ok. so I have been patiently. PATIENTLY waiting to get our official copy of our marriage license so I can do the official name change...deposit the checks in my new name...etc.

I SWEAR when we got the license, we were told that we would get the official copy in the mail. so finally we are getting to the bottom of it and why it is taking SO LONG. apparently we were told that we had to wait a week after the wedding and come back for the official copy for a cost of $12. WHAT?

And the slightly rude person on the phone said we tell everyone this. AND she said "you must not have been paying attention" with a rather unfriendly tone. huh.

Was I the only one in lala land? SO I called Chris. He confirmed that we were not told this. wow. I am very irked. I pay attention.

Guess I know what I will be taking care of this week.

Thanks City Hall for setting me straight with a slap on the hand.


I love looking at the wedding photos and finding little things I missed the first time. I did not miss this one the first time, but wanted to share this cool shot!

I am currently going through all the shots in an attempt to pick my favs to get an album together. We shall see how that goes since I still have 500 favs. Clary is so fabulous!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Photos!

Clary has our wedding on her blog! It is so exciting to see pictures. Hop over there to see a snippet of our wedding. Stay tuned for more photos from me!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

banana bread

yum. My grandma has banana bread recipe. It just wrong how good it is.

I cannot eat a banana if it has even one dark spot on fact I like them when they were green 10 minutes ago and now yellow. Anybody else?

I have been planning on making banana bread with my rejected banana's for about 2 weeks now. Chris asked me last night if I was going to let them turn completely black. um, yes actually. ;)

Now I was not really waiting for that, but today was the day I decided to finally do it. With the kitchen full of dirty dishes, china, pots, was the perfect day! Prep batter...bake for 50 min and clean the kitchen in the meantime.

It smells. to. die. for. (will update with pic)

Did anyone ever get the banana bread toast from Cyrano's? Wow. that is some good toast.

Ok..I am rambling. must need more coffee.

One last note. I am in love with this batter bowl from Crate and Barrel (Thanks Jami!)
was not on the registry, but boy and I glad she veered. I use it for practically everything! love.

{Crate and Barrel}

no that is NOT my kitchen. heh. pancakes look good ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

1 month ago

It was our wedding day. At this time we were downtown taking pictures. Time was flying by, as it normally does on wedding day.

I love my china. Even though I did not get all of it, I plan to collect it over the years.

In honor of that fabulous day, today {and every 13th} we will eat off of our china...whether the meal be filet mignon or chinese takeout. Tonight we will be having filet.

{Dinner Plate, Vera Wang Lace}

Why the china? Well...Chris claims that we will never use it. So I simply have to prove him wrong. He does not think I can keep it up more than 2 months. We shall see.

{salad plate, detail}

An no celebration would be complete without dessert...I made one. giant. cupcake.

I am not pleased with the final result. My mom is super talented when it comes to baking and decorating cakes. She is simply phenomenal. She has her own buttercream recipe that is so

I have learned some of her tricks over the years...but today nothing was working. I tried to fashion an icing bag from some parchment paper...ugh. It was just a disaster. I really wanted it to look pretty. oh well.

Chris will honestly be happy with the trimmings and some ice cream. As long as it tastes good, he does not care much about how a cake looks.

{giant cupcake pan}

{assembled cupcake and trimmings}

so excited.

I can barely contain myself. Our wedding images are in the mail and our fabulous, wonderful, amazing photographer Clary is beginning to blog about the events.

I will take my turn and share more pictures after I get images...but until image from our rehearsal dinner. See more of Clary's favorites here...and stay tuned to future posts here!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

French Memory Refreshed! DIY in under 30min.

This french memory board needed a makeover. Something a little more special but not too much going on that it takes away from what it may display...

This project cost $0 as I used items that I already had. That is the best kind of makeover! I cannot believe how fast this project will go even faster if you gather all your materials and have the hot glue gun plugged in and ready!

I removed the covered buttons on the top and saw that they were glued on over staples. I then removed the backing and had to reattach the small wooden pieces where some of the staples would hit. I used ATG taped to help it stick.

Black grosgrain ribbon with a white boarder was applied to the front and stapled in place.

I then used buttons that were intended for a winter coat {hello! its summer, who cares about new buttons!} and hot glued them where the ribbons crossed.

The buttons did not have a flat back...which caused them to not lay flat. I like the design on the buttons, so we will give it a whirl. They are glued pretty securely, so they should hold up just fine.
The refreshed french memory board may find a home in the new kitchen! Since the fridge is off limits, it would be great to display invitations and pictures {on a wall...away from the reach of Frankie!}

Kitchen update

I feel that I have gotten so much done in the kitchen. While, I have really only rearranged items that I already own, or received as only expense so far remains the can of spray paint.

I have a horrible problem of getting way too excited about a DIY project and not stopping to take a "before" I am going to have to scour my iphoto library to see if I have any before pics for my corkboard turned chalkboard project...which I diy'd the corkboard 3 years ago. Ah...I love reusing!

Today I spray painted two open back ornate for the chalk board...the other to display a few detail shots from the wedding {sugar bar or cake?}. I will cut the mat for that frame so I will just need the glass cut. I may even have some in another frame??? Good thing about having so much framed art collecting dust.

I am also going to search to see if I have a before of the kitchen...before I accessorized. Cause honestly, it is looking so much better already...that I cannot wait to see it finished.

Tomorrow I am going to get some fabric for my valance. I also have the idea of using a table cloth that I planned on using for the wedding at our sugar bar, but did not. That would also help me with the budget! I am not committed to using the table cloth yet. I am going to 2 fabric stores tomorrow to check out the stock.

Chris and I are going to have a real talk about the cabinets. I am leaning towards painting them now. Or doing a patterned metal insert. These are some inspiration pictures.

Basic cabinets. The color is very similar {if not exact} to ours.
This is an after of the above shot. I like the two different colors of paint and the extras on the white section to create a faux hutch. I also really like the black behind the open upper cabinets. It we do open uppers, then I would love to do the black! Imagine yellow walls, cute ceramic birdies....hmmm...ok. I have work to do.
This is patterned steel. Very cool. I think I would like it with a black cabinet....or maybe just on lower cabinets...or maybe not? I am not sure. gah! decisions.
{all images from Better Homes and Gardens}

Saturday, July 11, 2009

kitchen mini makeover

Throw in some tiffany blue and this is the color palette that I want for my kitchen. Problem is my cabinets are honey colored {icky} and the counter tops are just ehh. I am hoping to spruce up the kitchen with a valance, new light fixture over the sink and some DIY projects....were talking like $50 maybe $100, but that would be stretching it.....I think I can do it.

I bought some spray paint {creamy yellow} for a chalkboard project I plan to do this weekend...I also need a really cool piece of art...I would love to have one {black and white} of our sugar bar or our wedding cake...hmmm...

I plan to accessorize the space {have cute little white ceramic bird salt and pepper set}. Ugh. I really just want to paint the cabinets and I feel that the project would really pull together, but doing that seems really labor intensive and frankly I am way to creative to spend my time on that.

I am not sure what type of fabric to get for the valance. I was originally thinking black and white....but decided I needed yellow to add my punch of color against the honey colored cabinets and the pale blue/green wall. We also have black and white tile in the kitchen. I know, so retro. So here is what I am thinking for valance fabric. Black and white patterns are so easy to find...yellow? not so much!
{Picnic Damask Yellow, via Sew, Mama, Sew!}

{Antler Damask Tarragon, via Sew, Mama, Sew!}

{Anna's Drawing Room Sketchbook Ivory}

Link{Dandy Damask}

Since the walls are blue, I want to stay away from blue. I just don't know which direction I want to go! Suggestions?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Omaha Steaks

Chris and I received a gift card at a shower for Omaha Steaks. So during my wedding registry exchange adventure today {which Macy's was RUDE, Crate and Barrel was sooooo nice} I thankfully remembered the gc we had and went to Omaha Steaks across from CB. Not really sure if there are any more in STL but I digress. The point is that I found a coupon is the value saver or whatever it is called {yes, I am finally starting to use coupons!} that seemed like a really good deal!

The coupon I had was for $39.99 and came with an additional 6 free burgers! The very nice sales lady also offered me a 3 additional items {from a list} for $19.99.

The gc was for $50 so decided it was worth getting some extra stuff. So I selected:
Mediterranean Chicken Breasts
Polynesian Pork Chops
Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For lunch today I had a gourmet frank and it was quite good! We are definitely stocked in the meat department for a while....we might need to have a party and grill out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

custom folders

In an effort to declutter....and a desire for pretty things, I created my own personal file folders from paper remnants. See pretty can come from trash! lol.

This picture pretty much sucks...but the folders are super cute and have already been put to work!

Just to clarify...they are not blue folders, with added paper...they are actually made from large sheets of paper...folded...cut...trimmed...decorated. done!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

inches...not miles

I had lunch today with a friend. She shared some wise wisdom.
Take each day in inches, not miles. Today I took her advice and started on a marathon of a project...the basement. I would not even post a picture out of sheer embarrassment. I will paint you a picture...boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap strewn all about the basement. Stacks of new dishes, cake plates, and cocktail glasses...crates of work stuff...shelves loaded with art supplies, Christmas decorations and much more. AND piles of laundry. hmmm.....inches

inch one-sort all laundry....keep, donate, garage sale
inch two-sort bubble wrap and cool packing paper, recycle rest
inch 3-begin sorting garage sale items
inch 4-begin sorting wedding leftovers to sell
inch 5-take pictures to post of items to sell

Lots done...tomorrow I have several more inches planned....I just might get it all done!
*p.s. I also squirted soapy water on my Japanese Beetles...grrrr, and squirted weeds with killer. My yard is a mess....another day!

Photobooth Fave's...

The photobooth {The Doublestrip Digital Photobooth} we had provided by Photobooth STL was so much fun. We created a poster for the booth and used an album that I converted into a scrapbook as our guest book.

The book was basically filled {I think ONE page was skipped}, and was so much fun to look at the day after the wedding.

So I want to share a few faves from the ole booth.
This makes me crack up.

The Iowa girls plus one and the groom!

I knew there would be an X and a horseshoe somewhere!!! hah!

What a great time. I only wish I would have spent more time in the booth!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was at the Missouri Botanical Garden's Spink Pavillion. The food was fantastic! I did all the flower arrangements and the branch arrangement on the buffet table.

The branches were so important to me...long story short...I planned on created more than just one arrangement, but time got away from me and I decided that one was enough. So when I was shaping the branches, I foolishly used river rocks in my pretty hanging votive holders/vases and well...lets just say some of those pretty holders did not make it. Yeah. dissappointing.

Clary Pfeiffer attended the event and I cannot wait to see her pro pics!

I kept the groom's cake a secret from Chris and pretty much everyone the entire time. It was very entertaining and Chris loved it. Frankie {the siamese} looks like Frankie...but Scout is not as fluffy as the real Scout...but it was still fun.

The gifts that we got our ringbearers and flower girl were "art suitcases" filled with all sorts of art goodies. They loved them. There was lots of personalized items in their for each kid including art aprons, colored pencils and notepads. Then there was wedding related items such as coloring books, and books on being a ring bearer or flower girl. They loved them and carried them around all night!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I am a clutterer...that is not even a word, but I clutter everything.

Chris always comments that he can always tell where I have been...I leave a trail of clutter. This is not exactly what I want to be known for, but unfortunately it is a title that I have had most of my life.

Leaf...time to turn over.

I was introduced to Organized Home recently and I have read so much on the site. An article that I found hit particularly close to home was The ABCs of Household Paper Management.

So I have a project to organize my paper trail...or rather paper clutter.

{Paper Source}

I love the file folder offerings at Paper Source. I definitely need some of the goofy, fun ones....but I would really like the pretty ones.

Will I buy some?....most likely not. I need to be cost conscious in my efforts to organize, so I will use something I have...and do my best to make it pretty.

Mission De-Clutter is ON!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

La Patisserie want.

if I had a gc I would buy all three. These have been on my wish list for a while. They would be perfect with everything else I have! AND they are not cake plates! :)

I'm Ready.

to organize
to clean
to donate
to cook
to downsize
to save
to prioritize
I'm ready.
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