Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kitchen update

I feel that I have gotten so much done in the kitchen. While, I have really only rearranged items that I already own, or received as only expense so far remains the can of spray paint.

I have a horrible problem of getting way too excited about a DIY project and not stopping to take a "before" I am going to have to scour my iphoto library to see if I have any before pics for my corkboard turned chalkboard project...which I diy'd the corkboard 3 years ago. Ah...I love reusing!

Today I spray painted two open back ornate for the chalk board...the other to display a few detail shots from the wedding {sugar bar or cake?}. I will cut the mat for that frame so I will just need the glass cut. I may even have some in another frame??? Good thing about having so much framed art collecting dust.

I am also going to search to see if I have a before of the kitchen...before I accessorized. Cause honestly, it is looking so much better already...that I cannot wait to see it finished.

Tomorrow I am going to get some fabric for my valance. I also have the idea of using a table cloth that I planned on using for the wedding at our sugar bar, but did not. That would also help me with the budget! I am not committed to using the table cloth yet. I am going to 2 fabric stores tomorrow to check out the stock.

Chris and I are going to have a real talk about the cabinets. I am leaning towards painting them now. Or doing a patterned metal insert. These are some inspiration pictures.

Basic cabinets. The color is very similar {if not exact} to ours.
This is an after of the above shot. I like the two different colors of paint and the extras on the white section to create a faux hutch. I also really like the black behind the open upper cabinets. It we do open uppers, then I would love to do the black! Imagine yellow walls, cute ceramic birdies....hmmm...ok. I have work to do.
This is patterned steel. Very cool. I think I would like it with a black cabinet....or maybe just on lower cabinets...or maybe not? I am not sure. gah! decisions.
{all images from Better Homes and Gardens}

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