Wednesday, July 8, 2009

inches...not miles

I had lunch today with a friend. She shared some wise wisdom.
Take each day in inches, not miles. Today I took her advice and started on a marathon of a project...the basement. I would not even post a picture out of sheer embarrassment. I will paint you a picture...boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap strewn all about the basement. Stacks of new dishes, cake plates, and cocktail glasses...crates of work stuff...shelves loaded with art supplies, Christmas decorations and much more. AND piles of laundry. hmmm.....inches

inch one-sort all laundry....keep, donate, garage sale
inch two-sort bubble wrap and cool packing paper, recycle rest
inch 3-begin sorting garage sale items
inch 4-begin sorting wedding leftovers to sell
inch 5-take pictures to post of items to sell

Lots done...tomorrow I have several more inches planned....I just might get it all done!
*p.s. I also squirted soapy water on my Japanese Beetles...grrrr, and squirted weeds with killer. My yard is a mess....another day!

1 comment:

  1. Great advice! Our basement is the same way. Next time I try to tackle cleaning it I will take inches and hopefully that will help me get it done!


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