Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bridal brain

I have suffered from bridal brain {similar to baby brain} for most of the planning process. Now that I am a newlywed, I cannot seem to kick it...or rather I am still feeling the aftermath.

I make no excuse for my clutter problem, combine that with the brain issue and it is a mess. I lose things. can't find them, then they show up in some crazy place. I have one spot that I put the most important of all items that I do not want to lose, but not everything can fit there.

Chris will joke with me about it. Sometimes I laugh and other times I get really p-o'd.

So my latest items that I am trying to locate are my wedding day clutch and earrings. I know for fact I had them the morning after the wedding when we had lunch at the Westin...from there, I am not sure. I know the clutch held important items {id, camera, cash} that made it into another handbag. So it was here. in this house.

I looked everywhere...under the bed, sofa, chair. In the office, in the bigger bag I carried on the wedding day...the list goes on...I even checked the laundry room thinking maybe it made it down the shoot? I simply cannot find it.

This post is already getting too long, but I called Chris to see if he had seen it {yeah right!} and he laughed at my forgetfulness, and told me that he had not see it, but had seen the little gold coin purse in the garage that I always misplace. don't ask. or do. :o)

Hmmm....the search continues.

Have you seen me?

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