Friday, August 28, 2009

in the swing of things.

I love a project, hence why I love wedding planning so much. I get so involved in the task at hand that everything else is just second fiddle to my new devotion. I decided to spend one day and give it all that I had to get things in order for a new year. Unfortunately, I over did it. I figured that the achy feelings would subside with some rest. I had a deadline for the aches and pains to go away, and well they decided to stick around. I find my self in a similar but different predicament as last year.

So it really sucks. Yes. I had another epidural. Even though last year I got really nauseous, this one was much worse, no nausea, just pain during the procedure. I feel like I did so well managing my pain last year that this was all that I needed. Hmmm. not so much. Long story short, and a copay to my general doctor, oral steriods and some PT on on the list of "to-do's" and hopefully and the very bottom is a visit to a or a few surgeons.

The good news is that I am most comfortable at work. I get up early since I cannot sleep as well and am working late. Laying around is not so good for a herniated disc.

I plan to keep very busy this weekend doing light house work and some much needed organizing. I have been so absent from blogging and reading blogs that I am ready for some thing inspiring. And I know I still need to post some wedding pics. It was all so exciting 2 months ago, and now I really just need a break from anything "wedding". How strange that it can change so fast.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

where oh where...

has summer gone?

I know the warm weather is not officially over, but I do have to say good-bye to afternoon naps, watching movies anytime of the day or night, sleeping in with Frankie {my kitty}, ahhh

As much as I am going to miss being off work, I am glad that I am going back to a schedule...welcoming the familiar and meeting the new. Hmmm.

I can sum up my prediction for tomorrow in one word...CRAZY.

Guess I better go pack my lunch and pick out my outfit for the first day of school!
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