Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was at the Missouri Botanical Garden's Spink Pavillion. The food was fantastic! I did all the flower arrangements and the branch arrangement on the buffet table.

The branches were so important to me...long story short...I planned on created more than just one arrangement, but time got away from me and I decided that one was enough. So when I was shaping the branches, I foolishly used river rocks in my pretty hanging votive holders/vases and well...lets just say some of those pretty holders did not make it. Yeah. dissappointing.

Clary Pfeiffer attended the event and I cannot wait to see her pro pics!

I kept the groom's cake a secret from Chris and pretty much everyone the entire time. It was very entertaining and Chris loved it. Frankie {the siamese} looks like Frankie...but Scout is not as fluffy as the real Scout...but it was still fun.

The gifts that we got our ringbearers and flower girl were "art suitcases" filled with all sorts of art goodies. They loved them. There was lots of personalized items in their for each kid including art aprons, colored pencils and notepads. Then there was wedding related items such as coloring books, and books on being a ring bearer or flower girl. They loved them and carried them around all night!

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  1. I ran across your blog off of Clary's site and I love your stuff! Your talented girl!!!


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