Sunday, May 31, 2009

13 days

I cannot believe that I am 13 days away from getting married. That is insane. It seems that our 18 month engagement has gone by so fast. so fast. I still have so much to do these next 2 weeks. Fortunately my summer vacation has officially started. So I plan to get more more (cannot believe it has been a month since my last post!) and relax. I really want to enjoy this time leading up to the big day.

I am working on a DIY project right now...waiting for the paint to dry so I can move on. Since I do not have a picture of that yet, I will share later.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Girls

April 18th my bridesmaids threw me the most fabulous shower! What made it so fabulous? The perfect Tiffany Cake! AND all the other special touches and details. I have wanted one FOREVER! I had gotten so wrapped up with everything wedding that I had actually forgotten about the cake...I am so glad that the girls did not! In fact, the night before the shower MOH Jill called to tell me not to be disappointed that Cardwell's were not going to allow desert from some other place since they served desert. I had no reason to believe anything different. So you can imagine my surprise when there was actually one there!

Cardwell's added a little chocolate and some raspberry sauce. Quite tasty!

Let me say that I HATE pictures of myself...especially all the ones of me opening gifts. Always making a goofy face. So let's say this is the best of the worst....I did get some fabulous gifts! TONS of Crate and Barrel boxes!

The girls had Cardwell's print a limited menu of shimmery blue paper. I had the Caribbean Shrimp incredibly delish!! For favors, they donated to the Saint Louis Art Museum in my honor! What a cool idea. They know me so well. :). They also had light blue Jelly Belly beans in martini glasses for snacking. If you girls are reading this...thanks for making me feel so special!!! Love ya!!

*soon after this event, my camera went kaput. so it took me a while to get the pictures downloaded. Yeah for new camera's!

Stay tuned...

I have been extremely busy since my last post. I won't go into details, but I have several posts planned. My camera also broke, so that posed an issue with most of the pictures I wanted to post, on that card. Fortunately I was able to get them off the card and now I am moving forward with my new basic point and shoot. I have grandiose dreams of owning a fancy camera one I went cheap on the new camera. I am very happy with this new I hope it lasts for a while!
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