Friday, October 31, 2008

Style Me Yummy...

{image courtesy of Design*Sponge}
While perusing blogs today, I came across a stunning picture via Style Me Pretty. Abby Larson found this on Design*Sponge. These gorgeous cakes are Confetti Cakes and get my creative brain rolling with ideas about my wedding cake. Hmmm...makes me love anenome's even more! :). The cake stands are incredible! The dots! The flowers! I am in love!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

something vintage...

Since there is a lack of sparkle on the gown, I will be adding a vintage Weiss brooch that I purchased on ebay. The swoops on the brooch appear in the invitation design. They will also appear on the cake in some fashion. I do have to do a little repair work to the brooch. I am sure that will all work out though! design

The design for the invites has now been finalized! Wheau! Emily and I met on Sunday and drained the battery power on her laptop (once again!). It has been several days of small changes...rotate and scoot swoop, delete dots, etc...until---PERFECTION! My anal heart did a pitter patter over the fabulous design. Emily totally understands my need for perfection and is always so gracious when I ask her to move or change something and THEN ask for it changed back! Oh yes! I can be totally obnoxious when it comes to design and creative stuff. She has a patient heart. She is my BFF in the wedding vendor world! hehe. Love ya Em! You are the best! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coach love...

{Coach ErgoPleated Leather Capacity Wristlet in Silver/Platinum}

Anyone who knows me knows about my collection of Coach bags. I have rarely purchased anything else in the last eight or more years. It is a sickness, I know.

After meeting with the fabulous Emily on this past Sunday at the Galleria Starbucks, I used the location as an excuse to shop! I have been thinking about this capacity wristlet for a while now. The idea of using it as a wedding day clutch sounds great! It is very spacious with dimensions 8 1/2 long by 5 high. I have loved several "bride-y" clutches, but like the idea of something that I will actually use again. So is it wrong to use it before the wedding? What do you think?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot Damask...

{photo courtesy of Naturalizer Shoes}
Love, love, love. So unnecessary. Help me find a reason to give these adorable rain boots a new home! Too bad I am not getting married in the spring, these would be absolutely adorable with an umbrella. Hmmm....maybe I need these just in case of rain. I wouldn't want my Something Bleu's to get ruined! ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


What do you think?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Florida Wedding...

Can you believe that I had never been to Florida until this wedding?! Seriously! Well, my first trip to Destin, Florida was definitely memorable. My oldest friend Krissy tied the knot on the white sandy beaches just before sunset. It was totally gorgeous. After a long day of traveling by plane and car, Chris and I arrived with our traveling companions Kevin and Janelle. We stayed in a vacation rental named Apollo.
In our house, the bride and groom surprised ALL of the guests with monogrammed bath towels. So very cool.
The rehearsal dinner was held at the gorgeous Venus house. These houses are as good as they look in the pictures!
This is a view down the street from our driveway.
The white building is a little church! Erin and I took a late night ride in a little clown car and went to find the church. The view is from the top balcony from the Venus house. So Erin and I go in search of the church and then proceed to drive to a dead end street, well, we did not know that the clown car could not reverse, so I had to crawl out and push us while Erin steered to maneuver us around. We were gone maybe 5 minutes and the boys decided to send out a search party. We were ok, and laughing to whole time! just playing with my engagement ring...trying to be a photographer! :) this is my blackberry margarita that I ordered at Cheeseburger in Paradise! The drinks were yummy and the food did not live up to the "paradise" label...oh well!
The happy bride and groom are married!
Well it was definitely a memorable weekend! There are so many stories (hangers in the pool!) that will provide years and years of laughs! Can't wait to visit again! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Slice of Lime is designing all of our paper goods. I have been working with Emily on selecting the perfect font for our names. This is our winner!This font for all of the first initials was selected because of the "B". Chris and I both liked the way it looked and then we selected a different font for the rest of the letters to create the perfect combo.

Emily has been so fabulous to work with! She puts up with my every little change in my quest for the perfect invitation! Here is the current leader!
What do you think? My original plan was to base the design off of my wedding gown, but wouldn't you know that my dress is void of any beads, crystal and whatnot! I will be wearing a vintage brooch so we incorporated part of that into the design. The brooch is abstractly depicted in the middle section of the invite design where the three curved swoops are.

There is some wording that needs to be changed on the invite and I need to decided on wording for the accompanying pieces so Emily can work her magic again! The wedding is starting to feel real!

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