Monday, July 13, 2009

1 month ago

It was our wedding day. At this time we were downtown taking pictures. Time was flying by, as it normally does on wedding day.

I love my china. Even though I did not get all of it, I plan to collect it over the years.

In honor of that fabulous day, today {and every 13th} we will eat off of our china...whether the meal be filet mignon or chinese takeout. Tonight we will be having filet.

{Dinner Plate, Vera Wang Lace}

Why the china? Well...Chris claims that we will never use it. So I simply have to prove him wrong. He does not think I can keep it up more than 2 months. We shall see.

{salad plate, detail}

An no celebration would be complete without dessert...I made one. giant. cupcake.

I am not pleased with the final result. My mom is super talented when it comes to baking and decorating cakes. She is simply phenomenal. She has her own buttercream recipe that is so

I have learned some of her tricks over the years...but today nothing was working. I tried to fashion an icing bag from some parchment paper...ugh. It was just a disaster. I really wanted it to look pretty. oh well.

Chris will honestly be happy with the trimmings and some ice cream. As long as it tastes good, he does not care much about how a cake looks.

{giant cupcake pan}

{assembled cupcake and trimmings}

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  1. I love your china pattern (it was one of our final two - but we ended up liking Lenox Lace Couture)!

    What a creative way to celebrate each month of marriage and to use your china! Great idea!


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