Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh so pretty...

{JCrew Silk Gala Clutch in Bright Spearmint}

Ok. so anytime I see shoes, a dress, a cake, etc...with a bow, I am in love! I am sure it is no surprise that I simply adore this clutch from JCrew.

If I did not already have my wedding day clutch. I would be so tempted to purchase one of gorgeous would it be with a little vintage brooch in the center knot? I am partial to the bright spearmint color but for the ivory is the clutch for you!

{JCrew Silk Gala Clutch in Ivory}


  1. Urgh, I wanted a J.Crew clutch for my wedding, so badly!! It matched my J.Crew wedding shoes... but I could not bring myself to pay that much. A few months after my wedding, it went on sale for $39.99. Damn J.Crew!
    That one is gorgeous, too...

  2. they do have pretty clutches....but YES it does seem so pricey, especially if you cannot use it all that often. Ivory does limit you...wonder if it is dyeable? hmmmm...this particular clutch also comes in the most fabulous yellow! I might have to get that one! I'm thinking bridal showers and rehearsal dinner! ;)

  3. That clutch is beautiful!!!! I haven't decided whether I will have a clutch or not but if I do I think I may have to have that one because it is fabulous!

  4. Ooh that is pretty! Once you mentioned throwing a brooch on the bow I think I fell in love with it too! GURH!! I need to win the lotto or something! :)


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