Monday, January 19, 2009

sugar bar, sweets buffet, sweet shop, sugar shack...

Whatever you want to call it, it will be so delish! January 17th was a great day! Why you ask? Well it is the start of ye olde tradition of sweet treats peddled by the Girl Scouts. Oh yes, it is cookie time!

One of THE BEST wedding favors I have ever gotten came in the form of a box of Girl Scout cookies. I did say a BOX. E & J decided to have these fabulous confections as wedding reception favors. I thought and still think the idea is ingenious! Guests are able to indulge in childhood memories and get a fabulous treat. I threw this idea around before I ended going with the candy buffet. If I would have had enough sense to think of a cookie buffet, I bet we would be doing one! My love for Swedish Fish will not allow me to change paths. So I decided to merge the two and instead of just cookies or just candy, we will have a sweets/sugar/treats bar. Samoa's and Swedish Fish can live harmoniously right? I ordered both Samoa's (my fav) and Thin Mints (C's fav).

The name of this buffet is still up for debate...but the sign will be along the lines of this:


  1. Great idea! I love Samoa's! Yum. And I love the logo!

  2. yum! I love the sign concept! =)

    (it's Em by the way)

  3. Em-so glad you like the sign! It is for my window cling! We need to chat about the take out box stickers and get those done!


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