Saturday, January 31, 2009


well. I wish I could say that my timeline for the day was accurate. The accuracy ended after going to the trunk show. here is how the day went.

9:15 intense workout with trainer Megan. Made goals for myself as we are in crunch time! If I am a good girl and complete my workouts Sun., Tues., Weds., Thurs., and Fri., I get a reward...
10:30 beautifying went really well, except when I discovered that my precious little Frankie decided to lovingly nibble the end off many of the bristles of my brush...the result, about a 5 inch scratch from the top of my forehead to the top of my cheek....crazy
11:40 leave for truck show
12:15 appointment for trunk show. Meet Toni Federici...she is so fabulous! She was impressed with my headband I made. I ditched the bit of russian tulle...not sure if it will be right though. My appointment was only to be 45 mins. long....we did not leave until 2:00...totally off schedule. The exciting news is that Toni is going to be personally creating a custom veil for the big day. I could not be more excited! AND she gave me an incredibly sweet deal...because I am an artist too! so fab. I will post pics when the couture confection arrives.
2:15 lunch
2:45 China patterns...everyday dishes...china patterns....more china patters.....over 2 HOURS looking at china patterns. seriously. weddings are exhausting.
5:45 Galleria Macy's....more china patterns....I start to go crazy with the gun and begin to just adding to the registry....shocking my mom (who, btw, loved the headband...minus the russian tulle.) So I can post some pics from Macy's....only stock photos, but you get the idea.

{Vera Wang Lace}
{Vera Wang Imperial Scroll Accent Plate}

{Vera Wang Lace Flatware}
{Waterford Giselle Crystal}

We arrived home around 9:45...cannot believe how exhausted I am! I am still adding items to my the comfort of my own home. how perfect!

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