Monday, January 19, 2009


I cannot imagine ever going to a party without there being balloons. When I was little, and well, to this day, have had a fear of balloons popping! I love balloons as long and no one intends to sit on them and make them pop. I know, it is silly! I have another one about birds, but that is for another post! ;)

So imagine you and your groom or your wedding party having balloons for pictures? I remember seeing the shots below by the fabulous Clary Pfeiffer and thinking how beautiful for wedding pictures.

{Clary Pfeiffer}

Imagine how excited I was when I was catching up on some blogs and I found this picture on All Things Lovely? This is the first picture that I have come across with a bride and groom and balloons! I am on a mission!

{All Things Lovely}

Share with me your pictures of brides, wedding party, engagement sessions...etc...with balloons! So very cool.

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