Saturday, January 3, 2009

crystal tree decor...

I am not doing hardly any DIY wedding projects, however I am going to begin to take on some of it so I can save some dough.

The rehearsal dinner is at the gorgeous Spink Pavilion at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We will be doing a cocktail/heavy apps party so there will not be a ton of tables for sit down. I think this is a perfect event to do some DIY centerpieces. I have been wanting to use chandelier crystals somewhere.....anywhere! I love them.

Enter crystal tree idea...
{Wild Things}
I love how the crystals hang from this tree! So cool that is it white, bendable (obviously fake manzanita), and comes potted...but it was too pricey for my project.

{Nettleton Hollow}
These manzanitas are so cool! They look like they are being blown by wind. They have such unique qualities to each branch. The hanging votives are so pretty.

{Flowers and Supplies}

This is a manzanita with its leaves...pretty.

{Nettleton Hollow}
Love, love, LOVE this tree. So cool in every way.

{Nettleton Hollow}
This is Mitsumata. Not as common for trees and Manzanita...or at least it is not as documented as much as manzanita. I ordered several bunches of this. Here are the advantages of this type of branch:
1. it is a bleached wood in creamy white color. so very elegant
2. it is cost effective for price and shipping....
3. it can do very cool things!

If you soak the branches, they suck up water like a sponge and then you can mold them however you like. Since they are very compact when shipped, it reduces the shipping cost. So my wheels start turning since I have chandelier crystals from the jewelry that I am making....and then I remembered that I have these!


I have seven hanging tealight holders that I purchased from Illuminations a VERY long time ago. I always wanted to hang them over a dining room table or somewhere but never have. So needless to say they have been packed up. There is a third style not shown that I got with these.

So here is the plan. One large display on the buffet table having the most crystals and hanging votives....also having flowers in some of the holders like little vases...on the rest of the sit-down tables, there will be less ornate arrangements on those tables. I really hope this works! I will post after I get the branches and create a sample!


  1. The Mitsumata branches sound very cool! You'll have to let us know how they turn out!

  2. I freaking love this. Can't wait to see the final product!

  3. I am VERY interested to see Mitsumata branches turn out!


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