Sunday, January 25, 2009

why DIY. why. II

Here is the sitch. I had a brilliant idea. I could not find, within my budget, what I wanted to wear in my hair for the big day. I decided to order some materials thinking I could create the assymmetrical swarovski crystal with vintage brooch headband of my dreams. Hmmm...ended up not having everything that I needed so off to the bead store and Michaels and spent MORE money....I do not want to even admit how much I have spent. I have also put in hours and hours working on this project...and made many, many, options....but would have to take apart because HELLO! did not have enough beads to make the 20 or so options that I was considering...and it does take time to create.

But now this project has cost me more than if I would have just ordered a headband. A really beautiful couture headband. sigh. so incredibly sad. I do have a working model of my headband and I am not sure if I will end up wearing it or ordering one. I should have known better! This is why I am not doing many DIY projects! I know I am totally capable, but seriously my time is worth something! So if I ever say I am going to DIY another BIG project to save money....please stop me! You will actually save me some money. Now for pics of the bling. she needs a name...any suggestions?


  1. Oh my god, I love it! It looks gorgeous on!
    DIY is time consuming, and sometimes ends up costing you more, rather than saving you money, but it's personal. I think that's the most important part of it.
    And a custom head piece is the perfect detail to DIY.
    I think it's beautiful.

  2. Stunning. Absolutely stunning! And, as it is handmade, what an amazing family heirloom!

    That being said, I can't DIY my way out of a box, so I'm impressed and totally understand your frustration :)


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