Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh boy. 9 days.

See the problem with posting after midnight is that I feel that I have already lost a day before it has begun. Make sense? I am not really following that either.

So I had a list of tasks to do today and I am sad to report that I did not get get them all finished. But, many tasks not on the list were crossed off!

I started several months ago a little notebook and when I had a thought about something wedding that I wanted to do, I wrote it down. The idea was to not forget something I really wanted to do in all this wedding planning craziness! Well. I feel that it has actually worked. Everything on the list has now officially been crossed off the list.

The time has come to begin to pack up all the wedding goodies. I started creating a checklist so I would not forget to pack something and also so our planner does not forget to unpack anything.

I did get the parts of the presents together for the flower girl, Audrey, and the ring bearers (my nephews) Nate and Tyler.
I am still waiting on some pieces for their gifts.

How cute are those suitcases! I ordered the vinyl labels from Etsy seller Decal Monograms. She was very easy to work with and sent them VERY fast. I love etsy to pieces!

Tomorrow my mom and I have our final meeting for the reception to finalize all the details. Slice of Lime is creating so fab paper goods for the ceremony and reception....It is all coming together...

I am beginning to ramble, but I am on the craziest sleep schedule. I am up until about 2am. Them I will sleep until 4:30am or 5am, get up for an hour or so and do wedding stuff, then back to be until 9:30 am. How strange. That is the way is has been since Sunday. I just do not get it. Maybe too much on my mind!

Tomorrow, I will update my lovely readers on my progress. The biggest set for tomorrow is to pack up the candy buffet jars and sweets!


  1. How exciting! I'm really enjoying this daily countdown blogging, it's interesting seeing into the mind of a bride to be just days before her wedding! :-D

  2. A wedding gets more exciting towards the final day. This is where you hope everything has been done.


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