Thursday, June 4, 2009

let go

Words of the day. let go.
I have decided to make a list of all that I hope to accomplish for the wedding. If I do not get it finished by the deadline....I am thinking Sunday eve...then I am letting it go.

I am having random attacks of a bridezilla persuasion. The victims so far have been my fiance and my mom. the photo person at Walgreens. ugh. I hate being mean.

I cannot explain the pressure and stress that I have been feeling. I have been so frantic to find shoes for the wedding. Finally some arrived today. And none work. So tonight I re-ordered 2 in different sizes. fingers crossed. There is still another shipment of shoes expected to arrive in the next day or so with some different styles.

Today my mom and I went to finalize the details of the reception. All is good and the venue has been paid. After that 2 hour meeting, and impromptu wine tasting, we went to lunch. While having an amazing Lobster Roll sandwich from Cyrano's Cafe in Webster Groves, I got a phone call. The call I have desperately been waiting to receive. My veil has finally arrived...for the second time. Long story short, my custom beauty turned out to be a beast when we first met the end of April. So after a trip back, the new veil has arrived and became two veils!

I feel much better now. I am also have a trial tomorrow so I plan to take the short veil and give it a whirl.

Well, time to tackle some more tasks before bed. Tomorrow will be a big day for packing up wedding stuff...and hopefully getting the marriage license!

p.s. 10 day forecast has now changed! Wedding day is scheduled to be partly cloudy and 81 degrees. Wonder what it will be tomorrow!


  1. I'm sorry you're still having shoe troubles. Good luck with all the leftover tasks! =-)

  2. I saw the weather forecast and thought about you when I saw Saturday's prediction! :-D I am seriously SO excited to see how everything comes together, I'll be checking my blogreader like a crazy stalker!!

    BEST OF LUCK with the shoes!! I'm still kinda bummed for you, since that was like one of the first things you got. I think I even called you "shoe girl" when we met, haha!

  3. @ Cassi
    yeah...well the weather is back to scattered t-storms! ha! Wonder what the prediction will be tomorrow ;).

    AND yes, when we met, I believe you did call me shoe girl.

    I am still bummed too. not much I can do about it!

    @Emily & Cassi
    there should be more shoes on my porch today so keep your fingers crossed!


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