Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 11 Tasks

What a busy day. I survived the CRAZIEST storm that I have even been out in. I got lots and lots of wedding stuff accomplished too!

The main gift for the Bridesmaids were wrapped today!
Purchased gifts for our Greeters
Purchased frames for family photos at the reception
Worked on music for DJ
Purchased new MAC lipstick
Ordered potential Rehearsal dinner shoes from Zappos
Gave final count to Catering St. Louis for the Rehearsal Dinner.
Went tanning AND whitened teeth at the same time (LOVE IT)

I am VERY excited about the frames. I loved this frame from Target, but did not purchase as I did not have a reason. I know, it is NOT like me to purchase responsibly. SO....when I decided to display some photos at the reception, not just any old frame would do. I was so bummed that I could not find this frame again at Target.

{Frame, Target}

I looked so many places....Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx...and no luck finding frames with this vintage modern feel. I bit the bullet and went to Art Mart...not wanting to pay a bajillion dollars for one frame. I found two fabulous frames....made by Umbra. A wee bit pricey ($18 for a 5x7) for my project, but oh well. The sales guy at Art Mart was very nice. I decided to rush home and google Umbra and find more fab frames. Low and behold, my coveted Target frame is made by the same company! Woot! So in the end, I was able to score some great frames that I will love to decorate my home with. AND they fit the feel of our reception so they will be perfect for my photo display! eeeeee! I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Now, I just need to get prints made of the vintage family photos!

Tasks for Day 10:
I decided to put these in writing so I stick to them!

Ok....Tasks for Day 10:
Finish stickering candy bar take-out boxes and tin tie bags
Get prints of family photos made
Soak rehearsal dinner branches (so excited)
Clean house
Get flower girl and ring bearer gifts together
Work on reception layout
Finalize Father/Daughter song
Finalize wedding day accessories-finish bracelet, decide on hair accessory

oh boy....that is a lot to do! Another post coming tomorrow!

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  1. I LOVE that frame! Congrats for all you've accomplished and good luck on what's left!! =-)


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