Monday, June 8, 2009

My details have details. Day 6

The past six months or so, Chris has started saying to me that my details have details. I am a lover of why not have details to the details? Maybe that is too detailed. In my quest to let go, I have decided to let go of some of my details. Will anyone even anyone going to even say..."I cannot believe that she did not do xyz". I think there is enough going on that I should be ok.

Yesterday I met with my wedding planner...Krissi of Proposing Dreams and her assistant for the day, Amanda S. I am so glad to be working with these two girls on the big day! I still have things to organize and get accomplished, but I will say that I have scaled back on some items as they were honestly not that important and so they were cut.

There are a few more things to do...finish packing up tubs, create checklist so I do not forget to pack anything. Label all the tubs with their contents, finish my wedding day earrings, find a bracelet for the rehearsal dinner, wrap gifts for everyone, work on rehearsal dinner centerpieces (these have been scaled down....know anyone who may want to buy mitsumata branches?) I know there is more, but my brain can only hold so much these days.

I am still waiting for 2 pairs of shoes. My final fitting is today at 3pm. Will the shoes arrive by then? who knows. I just hope one of them works. ugh. how upsetting.

My veil arrived last Thursday so fortunately I did not have to go all bridezilla on them about that!

Well that is it for now. plenty I think.

Oh, one more thing...sorry for no pics in these random musings of a bride, but I promise so many pics in the coming weeks!


  1. Andrea, can I buy your branches from you? I needed some this week and would be so greatful!!!!!!! Email me ASAP.

    mcfargan at gmail dot com

  2. Amen to letting go!
    I'm so proud of you!


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