Monday, June 29, 2009


Trying to kick the bridal habit is hard. I received a bride magazine in the mail the day of the the wedding....and I really wanted to start looking through it immediately.

Hi, I'm Andrea and I am a brideaholic.

I am trying to get in the groove of being a newlywed and have started nesting. I feel that I need magazines...pretties to look at to help ween me off wedding and on to home.

I need suggestions...for really good magazines. help a brideaholic out won't cha!


  1. I used to love Domino but they stopped publishing sometime in the last year! :(

    This isn't a magazine but still fun to look at, order a catalog from West Elm. LOTS of pretty stuff there for inspiration!

    Other than that I'm not too sure... right now I think my only magazine subscription is Shape magazine!

  2. I get Shape magazine. Every once and a while I will pick up the Better Homes and Garden Mag and the Traditional Home Magazine but I don't subscribe to these. Hope that helps!


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