Wednesday, December 3, 2008

so gorgeous.

{via The Knot}

I have a seriously bad habit of finding pictures online and cluttering my desktop with them. Just came across this one for a recent venture searching for inspiration at The Knot. I have posted about Anenome's before. totally my fav flower right now. I read in the most recent issue of the Missouri & Kansas Knot that anenome's are the "it" flower now. is it still so wrong to love them so much! I totally loved them before they were so popular...just ask my florist! ;o)


  1. I had black anemones in my bouquet! Love them!!

  2. N.--your bouquet was SO gorgeous! Have you picked up The Knot yet? :)

  3. They actually sent us 3 copies before it was out in stores!

  4. I just read that today on stlwed....I can only imagine how excited you are! How amazing.


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