Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I decided that I did not want to wear a necklace on the wedding day that was rhinestone-y. I randomly came up with this crazy idea that I was going to find vintage chandelier crystals to create a necklace...then saw the most gorgeous necklace worn by Ellen, an bride.

{We Dream In Color}

I so love it. So after I decided to investigate the chandelier idea, Ellen sent me the above website. I was so excited to find something so beautiful! BUT I had already found chandelier crystals and ordered many that the bridesmaids are getting earrings and bracelets out of chandelier crystals to wear too... Below is my "rough draft" of the necklace.

In October, I brought the necklace to try on with the sample dress and my mom *HATES* it. Oh yes...hates. what to do. She hated my blue shoe idea, my bird cage veil idea, and now my necklace. Is she just right, or too old school. not sure.

There is the chance that the necklace may be too much. I really will not know until the dress comes. Advice? Anything like this happen to you?


  1. My mom hated my blue shoes and bird cage veil idea, too ;o)

    She actually did get over the shoe thing, eventually.

    I caved on the veil thing, sorta -- I wore a traditional veil for the ceremony + and bird cage insipired hair clip for the reception.

    If it's important to you, stand firm, if not ... let it slide. However, I will say that I've worn the heck out of that necklace since our wedding -- it's very versatile, which was important to me, because I didn't want something I'd just wear once.

  2. Ellen--Good to hear that I am not alone!

    I loved your necklace and love the one I made. If it is too much to wear with the gown, I will make sure it can be worn at the rehearsal dinner!

    I totally love the versatility factor of wedding items. That is why I got a Coach clutch to use. I know that I will totally use it again!


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