Monday, July 14, 2008

Ooh la la...

After taking a quiz at, I am told that I am a modern bride...maybe yes? So I decided to check out the wedding flowers and decorations section to see what they show for the modern bride. Here are some items I enjoy.
Look at the before shot in the lower right. What a great transformation! I am totally digging the pink lighting (still my first choice!)

I would love to create a decorated "B" or 2 at the wedding, reception, or both! Maybe for the gift table, or oooohhhh one covered in candy for the sweets table?

This would just look cool in my home! I am into this grey/yellow/white combo in my living room. Maybe I will post some pics.
A topic I am very interested in is CAKE! The cake design will be determined after the fabulous Emily of Slice of Lime Design creates the invitations. Until then, here is so inspiration for style.
Holy cow! or moose? Love the idea, looks kinda like antlers on the top though...

Love the white band around the layer! I love damask, but this is even a little too much for me! Kinda reminds me of the card box Chris is going to create, but black and white.

This is my current based on the dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE
Hmm. Love the bow. (and the plateau!)
Not sure if I have posted this before, but I have loved this cake since we got would need to be in black and white of course!

Then I found where you can create a cake on the website. Kinda fun, but I need more options!

I do not think that I am totally modern, especially not after viewing the "glamorous" cake section. Look what I found!

Hmmm...some of the same cakes from "Modern" were in "glamorous" coincidence? ;)

One final picture...simple and elegant.

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  1. LoVe the different wedding cakes. So pretty and unique. I enjoy reading your blog! Stacy ;)


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