Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going Once, Going Twice!

I am trying to "win" a wii fit on ebay today. As part of my quest to be a knock-out bride, I am going to be working out more. Trainer Megan is going to be working with me up until the wedding and I have my bootcamp class with her too that totally makes you want to throw up! She kicks your butt with a smile. She is just so great that it is hard to quit!

Anyway, Joel and Erin got us hooked on wii. We have one (not hooked up) and now I want a wii fit! I think it would be totally fun! So how much is too much? I am not bidding, but just watching. There are MANY auctions ending this morning for the fit so I do not want to be too hasty in bidding! Maybe all the diehards will give up and I will get one for less that $150? Maybe? Or maybe I will just wait.

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