Sunday, July 27, 2008

THE dress

Her name is Maeve! I originally picked a dress by Watters and after much consideration, I decided it is not the dress for me. In the back of my mind, I kept telling myself that there has been only one dress that I have tried on that I actually felt like I was a bride. My mom and I went shopping on Thurs. to yet again search. I took her to a new place and one that I had already been too. We had a horrible time at the new place. It was unreal. The 2nd shop was ok, did not impress me too much the second time. Then we went to Town and Country Bridal to look at Maeve again. The owner is so incredibly sweet. She helped us without an appointment and was so wonderful! I just love this dress. So I cannot post a picture since Chris reads the blog, but I will say that I am looking for the perfect vintage brooch. I am new to ebay. I decided to try and get some stuff cheap! I am currently searching the brooches to see what sort of treasure I can get a deal on! I want the perfect brooch for my beautiful bridal gown! I found a really great Weiss brooch on etsy, but I kinda messed it up.
There was some yellowish stuff around the pave stones. Apparently it is glue and if you pick it off, the stones come out! Oops! I actually like it better now, because I would rather not have the yellow glue. Anyway, I need to enjoy my last few days of wedding madness planning before I have to focus on work.

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