Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cute & Stylish Camera Bag

I am looking for a camera bag...one that is cute and stylish and does not scream "I AM A CAMERA BAG"!  I did not see this as a being a difficult task until I started to search for one.  Seriously, why are there not more options for women?

After about a week of Google searches, I have finally found some.

So just as a reminder, I am going for the non-camera bag looking bag...

I found a few Etsy sellers that make camera bags. At first, I thought this was the perfect solution...I pick the fabric, and in a few weeks it will arrive on my door step.  Then I remembered how impatient I am. Nonetheless, this post may help others so here are some of my favorites from Etsy.

{Etsy Shop Janine King Designs}

{Etsy Shop GypsyRoseHandbags}

There are so many fabric choices if you go the Etsy route.  The prices are reasonable too for a custom bag, and it appears that all your gear is adequately protected. 

Somewhere along my search I came across *emera.  These bags remind me of  "Kate Spade meets camera bag".

I really love "The Print".

{The Print via *emera}

Is this bag not channeling Kate Spade? Well maybe Kate 9 years ago or so.

I also came across Jill-e bags.  I do not love these bags, and they are more than I would want to spend for a medium/large camera bag.  I will share one that I kinda like...

I need to include The Shootsac in this review of stylish camera bags.  My understanding of this bag is that it is for photo sessions and not to store your gear all the time.  More for pros doing quick lens changes. So while I love the fashionable covers that this bag offers, I need something else right now.

The bags I was most excited to find are from epiphanie. I love the turquoise bag and the red bag.  They even have contrasting liners which I think is super chic!

{via epiphanie}

Belle and Lola are my fave's right now...there are new bags coming out next year from Epiphanie...I do not know that I can wait that long!

inside of Belle

inside of Lola

Doesn't everything look so nice and cozy inside?  I am not sure what bag I am going to order.  So many choices! What bag do you have?

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  1. I love my Shootsac, but it definitely is not idea for storing (or traveling with) your gear. I love those epiphanie bags - so awesome and chic!!


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