Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chicken? Again?

I have a weird thing about chicken...I really am rather grossed out by it tend cut off all the parts that are "suspect".  Like that long white stuff, or the other gross things that are in/on a chicken breast.  So now you know something strange about me.

I am on a quest for good chicken recipes.  I have been making a very tasty breaded chicken, I can do chicken and rice, I even ventured into stuffed chicken breasts and brussel sprouts after reading this post...but every time I tell my husband we are having chicken for dinner...I get the "oh" there anything else!

So I need some good recipes.  Anyone have anything to share?  Don't be chicken! Please share!


  1. I seriously love to make different kinds of chicken nuggets. I buy boneless skinless chicken breast and cut it into big chunks (after I pretty much inspect it like you). In the past we have breaded the nuggets in the following:

    Crushed Goldfish
    Crushed Doritos
    Crushed Pretzels
    Crushed Lime Tostidos

    And the best part is you can usually find a good dipping sauce for all of them!

  2. Thanks Brit! Those ideas sound delish!


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