Saturday, September 5, 2009


Want some?
So I just posted about writing blog posts and deleting....then I noticed this "draft".

Inspiration...I need some of that. life is great being a newlywed, but to be perfectly honest. It is weird.
Not weird with Chris, just weird in general. No one tells you how you will feel after the wedding. You are on such a high that it seems nothing can get you down. Then after the night is over...something changes.

There should be a support group for newlywed wives. Is it because Chris and I lived together and already made a home together that this funk exists? Would it be different if I did not have oodles of time on my hands? I am not sure, but I am sure this is part of it.

I have tried immersing myself in projects to keep me occupied, but nothing has been completed for various reasons. Frankly I am tired of feeling this way. Maybe I should be thankful for going back to work on fact, I think that is just what I need. Back-breaking activity...Monday and Tuesday are sure to supply this.

Ironic "back breaking" activity is definitely what I got...good news, just started physical therapy!

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