Sunday, April 5, 2009

DIY wedding card box

Today we tackled the DIY project of our card box. I had purchased 3 patterned hat boxes from Hobby Lobby many, many months ago with this project in mind. I love the look of a faux wedding cake when all the boxes are stacked!

So a few hours later, our card box is finished! We could not be happier with the end result.

Here is what we did...

We took off the lids and turned the boxes upside down. Chris measured and cut a hole in the bottom of the box that was the same measurement of the box to be placed on top of it.

Here is a shot of all three boxes stacked. Since they all fit so snug, there was no need for ANY adhesive. To seal the opening at the bottom, we placed the lid to that box back on.

Here all three boxes are stacked and ready for decoration!

Around the base of each box, I applied ATG tape.

After the ATG tape, black ribbon was applied.

To add a little something extra, I created bows from a thicker black ribbon and used a little hot glue to hold them in place. That is it! I am not sure if it needs something

I placed faux anemone flowers on the bows. These are not permanent until I see what you think....should the flowers stay? Should I add some bling? What do you think?


  1. I love it! Flowers should stay...

  2. I LOVE the way it turned out. The bows were awesome and the flowers make it perfect! Good job!! =-)

  3. hehe. I just told Chris that so far there are 3 votes for the flowers! He just said...."yuck".

    Apparently not a fan of the flowers!

  4. I really like the flowers. I think it adds a little extra to it and really helps make the bows pop out more.

  5. ow! ow!

    I have to say I don't normally like the cake/hatbox card thing but I am LOVING yours! Srsly!

    I like the flowers.

  6. I absolutely love it! I have been looking for hat boxes just like that for months!! Your card box looks amazing!

  7. Looks great! We used those same card boxes from Hobby Lobby! Great taste ;)

  8. Love love love the way your card box turned out!!! I think you should definitely keep the flowers!

  9. Absolutely LOVE the flowers!!!

  10. Chris thinks the flowers look bad fake. I disagree though! Hmmm...I may investigate a few more options before I attach them. Thanks for all the comments! :)

  11. I love this, and I love the anemones! I think I have found a kindred spirit with our love of anemones! :)


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