Monday, March 16, 2009


The issue of postage is on the forefront. To zazzle or not to zazzle, that is the question. So I created a custom zazzle stamp (pictured above) that I think would go quite nicely with our invitation suite. But is it worth is to spend the extra money? Would it make more sense to go with this stamp instead?
Hmmm...I know the dragon fly is the first class odd-size 1 ounce stamp....but I just do not like any of the 2 ounce 59 cent stamps...

Each zazzle costs about 40 cents more.


  1. I battled back & forth with the same zazzle dilemma and eventually decided against it. I think your custom stamp is cute, but that dragonfly is pretty darn cute too and saves you a lot of dough!

  2. I used the dragonfly for my wedding invites! They are cute.
    I think the zazzle custom stamps are cute, but at the end of the day-the envelope goes in the yourself the money!!!


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