Thursday, March 5, 2009

makeup adventure

I went to Sephora tonight and got the skinny on some makeup items and recommendations on some basics.

-waterproof liquid eyeliner
-waterproof mascara
-weightless foundation
-eye brightener

So lets start with my inspiration wedding day makeup.
{Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces}

Love the drama of the eyes and the lips. I do not plan to do a red lip cause that is just not me, but definitely will do a bolder than my Viva Glam MAC lipglass.

So...will there be tears? I really do not know, but I want to be prepared. So, after suggestions from my Sephora expert, I selected.....

{Makeup forever waterproof eyeliner}
{DiorShow Blackout Waterproof Mascara}

I could not wait to get home and play with my new makeup. I even got a sample of a new primer (Sephora Mattifying Primer). It was fun trying out some stuff. However, I knew that the liner would be difficult as I am very partial to my felt tip of Lancome's Artliner. So after playing with my makeup, I decided it was time to wash my face....hmmmm, now where is that makeup remover? I am sure I have a sample from Lancome somewhere? Or was that the sample that leaked and I threw away. I wonder if I can get this off. Well, 2o minutes later and I still have racoon eyes. I feel very confident that these items will deliver fabulous results on the day of the wedding! I will definitely get some makeup remover for future uses though! ;0)


  1. LOVE the dramatic eyes! That is exactly what I am looking for for my wedding day makeup!

  2. Seriously giving you mad props for doing your own makeup...I have a name if you are still looking for someone, let me know. Anywho the reason I'm posting is to say that is my favorite mascara because you can cry (what can I say?) and the stuff doesn't move. The only thing I found that does the trick for me is baby oil, not even eye makeup remover.

  3. Clary-I am so torn on the makeup thing....trying to save a few $$$ and I love makeup so we will see if I can pull this off. :)

    Will you email me the name just in case I chicken out? :)


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