Friday, March 20, 2009

on a mission...

I am on spring break....ahhhh the joys of being in education! So I have a few "to do's" scheduled for my week off. I want to find a cabinet for the dining room and paint it bright red. BUT the cabinet needs to have glass. Why? Well I have dreamed for a long time to one day own a red phone booth a la London, England and convert it to a "bar cabinet". Do I think I will actually ever own one. hardly likely....even if I do come across one, it will most likely be way too pricey.... So my search begins. I found something super cute and affordable at Ikea. Meet Biby.
Meet Biby's price tag....
Can you believe that? $290.13 for shipping. I about choked.

So on to another thrifty idea...JCPenny? Maybe? Am I ok with MDF? um no.

So while spending the entire day and evening with my Mom yesterday she has the brillant idea to go to an antique store....ohhhhh....all the treaasures. I found some cabinets that just might work....solid wood....totally paintable...and under $150. Sounds fab.

We are going out again today for some errands and plan to hit a few more antique stores. Boy I love junk! ;)


  1. Haha! The same thing happened to us when we found furniture that we loved from Ikea. The shipping was more than double the price of the item. We ended up just taking a day trip up to the Ikea and Chicago and LOVED IT!

  2. I like bigby! And you should just drive to chi-town to get it :-) The newer Bollingbrook Ikea is closer to STL now, than the other Chicago one is.


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