Saturday, March 21, 2009

quite red

After visiting a few antique stores on Thursday, I had a much better idea about what I would find and what I could afford for my dining room bar cabinet mission. I found many prospects but did not purchase. After I got home, I measured the space to make sure that I found the right sized cabinet for the space. The dining room is small so a space conscious piece is essential.

Today after visiting two antique stores, I found a cabinet. It is not as tall as I hoped, but it is wood, has glass doors, and the space between the shelves is tall enough to hold tall bottles. I was sold! I was so excited that I did not even realize that it was 20% off! I mean, who see's large signs when they find the shabby cabinet of their dreams? seriously.

I was so excited, I immediately went to Lowe's...I bought new knobs (so wanted crystal ones, but did not like the ones they had) felt for the legs, wood filler, sand paper, and magnets for the doors. I knew that I had red paint left over from a previous project in the shade of "quite red" so I was set.

I could totally give a play by play of my afternoon/early evening project, but I am sure I would lose all of my readers very quickly...So lets just say that I WISH I had pictures to share. Alas I was so excited, and so distracted that I did not take a "before" picture. I know. Shame on me. But it will not be long before I will reveal my fab cab and also the new dining room color! yeah!

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product! That is awesome that you found a cabinet and it was on sale. Makes the find that much sweeter!


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