Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Florida Wedding...

Can you believe that I had never been to Florida until this wedding?! Seriously! Well, my first trip to Destin, Florida was definitely memorable. My oldest friend Krissy tied the knot on the white sandy beaches just before sunset. It was totally gorgeous. After a long day of traveling by plane and car, Chris and I arrived with our traveling companions Kevin and Janelle. We stayed in a vacation rental named Apollo.
In our house, the bride and groom surprised ALL of the guests with monogrammed bath towels. So very cool.
The rehearsal dinner was held at the gorgeous Venus house. These houses are as good as they look in the pictures!
This is a view down the street from our driveway.
The white building is a little church! Erin and I took a late night ride in a little clown car and went to find the church. The view is from the top balcony from the Venus house. So Erin and I go in search of the church and then proceed to drive to a dead end street, well, we did not know that the clown car could not reverse, so I had to crawl out and push us while Erin steered to maneuver us around. We were gone maybe 5 minutes and the boys decided to send out a search party. We were ok, and laughing to whole time!
Hmmm...me just playing with my engagement ring...trying to be a photographer! :)
Ok...so this is my blackberry margarita that I ordered at Cheeseburger in Paradise! The drinks were yummy and the food did not live up to the "paradise" label...oh well!
The happy bride and groom are married!
Well it was definitely a memorable weekend! There are so many stories (hangers in the pool!) that will provide years and years of laughs! Can't wait to visit again! :)

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