Saturday, October 4, 2008


Slice of Lime is designing all of our paper goods. I have been working with Emily on selecting the perfect font for our names. This is our winner!This font for all of the first initials was selected because of the "B". Chris and I both liked the way it looked and then we selected a different font for the rest of the letters to create the perfect combo.

Emily has been so fabulous to work with! She puts up with my every little change in my quest for the perfect invitation! Here is the current leader!
What do you think? My original plan was to base the design off of my wedding gown, but wouldn't you know that my dress is void of any beads, crystal and whatnot! I will be wearing a vintage brooch so we incorporated part of that into the design. The brooch is abstractly depicted in the middle section of the invite design where the three curved swoops are.

There is some wording that needs to be changed on the invite and I need to decided on wording for the accompanying pieces so Emily can work her magic again! The wedding is starting to feel real!

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