Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's A Boy! That's right Vern!

Scout turned 1 on June 21st. We just love our furbaby! Ask anyone who has met him and they will tell you that he is just about the coolest kitty in the world! So for his birthday I wanted to get him something really special...a little brother!

I stalk the Humane Society's adoption page and get emails each day letting me know about the kittens available for adoption. I decided not that long ago that I wanted to get a cream tabby. The most perfect little cream tabby was available at the Maryland Heights location. I kept looking at his picture and his cute little face. Needless to say, I did not act quickly enough and he was adopted. Rats! So the daily checking of adoptable kitties continued. Let's fast forward to Monday the 23rd or rather early morning the 24th. I have come accustomed to checking the page before I go to bed. They usually update it in the evening and then around 1:30 am I usually get an email. So I check the page, I happened to be up when I got the early email, and low and behold, they have 2 cream tabbies at Maryland Heights! Woohoo! I get up early on Tuesday morning and check the email again. Rats! They are not available. So I check the main page and do my own search. AND they are actually available. So I hurry up and leave the house ant 9:30 to get there when they open at 10am.

So I get there are they are not open so I have to wait! It is killing me! I go into the kitten room and they are no where to be found. I ask someone and they say that the kittens are all here. So I go on to explain that their names are Oscar and Ossie and they were still in the database this morning, blah, blah, blah! Then she says, "Oh, they must be in Puppy Parlor". Hmmm...why didn't I think to look for kittens with the puppies!?!!?

Well, there they were in Puppy Parlor. I look at little Oscar and Ossie and am thinking that it couldn't hurt to play with them for a little while. Then I look in the cage to the right and there is this little cream colored kitty all curled up in a cinnamon roll pose. I give him my best little "hey kitty, kitty" and he turns around and POW! What a cutie! I instantly fell in love with this little cream and chocolate point Siamese mix. His name is Vern, yes Vern. Well at least it will be his name for the next ten days.

Little Vern and I go into a room to get acquainted. He has a huge purr box and every time I picked him up his motor was going full force. It is about 10:10 at this point and I already knew that he was going home with me. When we adopted Scout, I had to watch him play for over an hour before I got to spend time with him because the HSMO was so busy that day.

Everything is going great, I fill out my paperwork and then a hear a little "ahhh-choooo"! Vern has sneezed. In my experience a sneezing cat is never a good thing. I let it go since it was just one sneeze. Vern goes to get microchipped and also gets his temperature taken. He has a fever. Not good! I have to wait ten minutes so they can take his temp again. It went up after ten minutes, so Vern had to stay the night there.

Around noon today I call the HSMO to ask how he is doing and have to leave a message. I finally get a call back and they tell me that he has an upper respiratory infection. I am no stranger to this; Scout has had 2 in the past year. Vern has to be on medicine for the next 10 days and has to stay there so he does not get Scout sick.

So while I have to wait I have gotten the "baby" room ready for him and am making a list of possible names. I wish I had a picture to post of him he is truly a cutie!

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