Friday, June 13, 2008

I've Got Bangs! My hair is so Now!

Love Legally Blonde! Leaving my fabulous hairstylist Stacey today I giggled to myself as this movie line was running through my mind. So YES! I got bangs. Sounds so funny and so early 1990's to say, that was about the last time that I had bangs.

In preparation for the wedding 'do, we decided to go bolder on the blonde lights and add the aforementioned bangs. As Stacey put it to me, this is about the last time I can go crazy until after the wedding. So my version of crazy? BANGS! So far so good. I am getting used to them, but am still perpetually moving them off my face. They are longer and sweep to the side, so some may not even notice the change. I definitely notice that my ponytail definitely looks cuter now!

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