Sunday, November 23, 2008

something blue...

I am obviously in a shoe mood. I simply love d'Orsay shoes. So how about these polka dot babies from Betsey Johnson? They could be your something blue, and they have a spicy hot pink sole too!
{Mackenzie by Betsey Johnson via}

Another great option for the bridesmaids! Not d'Orsay, but I did get distracted by the bold polka

{Flash by Betsey Johnson via}

I am totally in a polka dot mood...obviously. Now for a spunky something blue shoe for a daring bride....the wedge looks comfy!
{Yori by Betsey Johnson via}

As much as I love polka dots, I also love bows! So excited to find these!
{Weston by Betsey Johnson via}

Ooooh. Another shoe for your something blue. How cute are these polka dot shoes! Yes, I know I have an obsession with polka dots!
{Josette by Jessica Simpson via}

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