Wednesday, November 26, 2008

holiday epidural?

So, I have been having back/sciatic issues for about 2 1/2 year now. With the wedding less than 7 months away and my desire to have a pain free honeymoon, I decided to do something about this annoyance. So lets cut to the chase. My general doctor said that my MRI results were THE worst she has ever seen, and we really have to do something about this VERY large herniated disc. Now fast forward to today. I visit a pain management doctor and after the initial consultation received my first course of treatment. Oh yes. An epidural. Now most people that receive one eventually leave with a baby. I left with instructions NOT to work power walking even, for 2 weeks. AND the potential to have another epidural in 2 weeks. hmmmm.....I did not fare that well. I am told that just the anxiety of the unknown can have cause nausea.....well I was nauseas for sure. After the fact and now three hours after the event, I am feeling ok...but I have also been told that things will get worse before they get better. yuck.

So in addition to some advil, I picked up some Ben and Jerry's. I know, not the best choice since I cannot work off the calories, but is a new flavor....cake batter. yellow cake batter ice cream swirled with chocolate frosting...seriously. If you know me at all, you know that this is MY birthday cake every year since for ever! Love the yellow cake with chocolate icing... yum. The best pick-me-up after a little holiday epidural.


  1. thanks for coming over to Weddings Fresh! i am so sorry about your back--i unfortunately have horrible problems when i am prego and i am dying right now! i hope you enjoy every bit of that ben and jerry's!!

  2. Dani-lovin' the ben and jerry' delish! Sorry to hear about your back probs too. totally sucks.

  3. What? Cake batter?!? Oh no, you shouldn't have spread the word. Just one more temptation that I need to resist!

  4. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

    And until it does, cake batter is your bestie.


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