Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cute and stylish search...still looking!

Just when I think I have it all narrowed down, and maybe able to make a decision in my search for a dslr camera bag...I am back at square one!

This search has been exhausting.  I like to try on and touch handbags.  See how the zippers work, make sure that it seems like it will work for me. Unfortunately this is not the reality for the "cute and stylish handbag style meets dslr bag" selection that resides exclusively online.

Her name was Lola....Lola remained top in my mind since my search became less intense around March.  Off and on, I would admire Lola and think about if I was ready to make a commitment.

{epiphanie bags Lola}

So the biggest reason why I did not just go ahead and purchase, was that I was hesitant about the price.  I know that the bag would need to last me a long while...and I just was not sure!

The I decide...okay, time to bite the bullet and just go ahead and do it.  I did one last search for "cute and stylish camera bags" and came across this post by Veralana Photography. This post opened my eyes to some new fabulous bags by Jo Totes.

Instantly I was drawn to the Rose bag....ultimately I decided this was THE bag...I was going for it.  I was torn between the marigold and the teal.  

While popular opinion was to go with the marigold, I was unsure.  Shocking, I know. Look at that adorable houndstooth fabric inside! A perk that they both have it! Yesterday I decided to just go for it! Decided...then went to purchase....SOLD OUT!  So I thought maybe it was fate and I was meant to have the other color....guess what!? SOLD OUT too...so maybe it was just not meant to be at all.

I need a new laptop bag too, but I do not have the energy to search for that! 


  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure Epiphanie is going to come out with a new laptop version in the next month or so. Just fyi.


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