Friday, January 8, 2010

home office storage

{Timber Buffet from Target}
I have been wanting a piece of furniture to house our printer, laptops, mail, etc.  for a while now.  After much searching online and locally I finally decided that our best option was the Timber Buffet from Target.  The biggest downside is that I had to order online so it still has not arrived {I ordered it January 3rd}.  The space below is perfect, or at least the measurements seem perfect, for our printer and 2 laptops, our external hard drive and other items.  The space above will be perfect for some basket to organize the mail.

I am getting the space ready as it currently contains a super amazing antique travel trunk that I acquired from my grandparents who got it from another long ago relative. I love this trunk!  It just is not practical for anything other than putting things on...So the trunk was holding many, many magazines, mostly wedding magazines.

I love these magazines and am having a hard time parting with them, so I am going through and removing my most favorite pages and then will reuse the mags for an awesome project at work.

I cannot wait for the furniture to arrive, just another step in my quest to become organized!

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  1. Nice buffet! But I want to see a photo of that trunk!


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