Saturday, November 7, 2009

Groom's Cake

I had decided on doing a groom's cake for our rehearsal dinner rather early in the planning stages. I decided to use Hock Cakes after reviews from Stlwed.

I did not know what I wanted the theme of the cake to be and believe me, it came down to the wire for me to decide. I have a serious problem with giving gifts that I am not sure if the receiver will like and this felt very close to something like that.

In the end, we love our cats Scout and Frankie. At the time, being summer and all, Scout would love to spend time in Chris' flip flops, with both from feet through one of the flip flops.

I know this post is rather out of order in the grand scheme of wedding recap, but I came across this recently on the Hock Cakes blog.

{via me}

The cake was such a hit at the part, some of our guests said it was the coolest cake they had seen! It looked really good, and tasted even better. Frankie, our siamese, looked pretty much like him, minus the occasionally crossed eyes. Scout was not as big or fluffy as he is in real like, but I am sure it is difficult to create fluffy hair with fondant. Other than the Scout critique, it was perfect. Most importantly, Chris love it!

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