Saturday, November 7, 2009


I really dislike being busy. Wedding planning was fun. I loved it. I know that all brides do not though. I loved seeing everything come together and have a beautiful end product that I have crafted and designed.

It seems that I have gone from wedding planning heaven to dissertation hell. Now that the wedding is over, I have to devote my free time to this beast of a paper. Chapter 3 {rough draft} is due this Monday, but honestly....I still have not written chapter 2 {rough draft}. The lit review has left me with writers block. I have a much smaller paper due this Monday and I am using that to cure this block of mine. So today (saturday and tomorrow) I am writing. While everyone else is enjoying the uncharacteristically warm weather I am inside writing. Am I procrastinator, why yes! Do I love writing papers, and reading hundred of articles? Ummm, no. I like making things. This is why I enjoyed my undergraduate degree in Fine Art. No final papers usually for me....I got to make things.

So it is fitting that my dissertation topic revolves around learning styles...

I have time to write this 100+ page document. I am projected to finish May 2011. Plenty of time to solve my procrastination issue.

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