Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Couch to 5k Week 1 day 2

I am glad to have this workout behind me.  I worried about the weather forecast and if that would prevent me from working out.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous day.  I also bailed out on the first day of the new run/walk club at work because I did have time to get my gear together this morning.  So I kinda felt that I was looking for an excuse to not do it today.  So I made plan....a, b, C! Plan C was to go home and get it over with...then make dinner and do homework.  Who would have thought that I would rather learn to run that do homework?

So about the "run" today.  I felt really good about it!  I felt around interval 5 that I was getting worn out, but once I got to 6, I could see the end and before I knew it, I was FINISHED! Whew.  Looking forward to Friday and finishing week 1.  My quads have been sore since Monday.  I did stretch after Monday's workout, and again after today's, but I would rather they just stop aching.  I am very surprised that my feet are not giving me problems!  I plan to treat myself to new shoes over spring break if I keep it up...

I do need to find a 5k, so I keep myself motivated and have a purpose for doing this.  I found one on June 12th that benefits Haiti...and that is our 1st anniversary weekend! That would also give me several extra weeks if I needed it to get prepared.  I honestly cannot even imagine being able to run for 3 miles without stopping.  Any suggestions for 5k's in May or June?

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