Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Iowa's BIG 5...

I am definitely a city girl. If I was not sure of this before (which I was) I am definitely sure now! I had the pleasure this weekend to see Iowa's big 5. Now when we venture out to South Africa for the honeymoon of a lifetime, we hope to see the real big 5-Lion, African Elephant, African Buffalo, Black Rhino, and Leopard. Well in honor of my trip Iowa/South Dakota this labor day weekend, I wanted to post the BIG 5 that I saw!

Ever fall asleep to the sound of crickets? Were you INSIDE? I bet not.
The Grasshoppers outside were unreal all kinds. Jumpy ones, ones that jumped and then FLEW with wings? Never seen such a thing!

Too cute for words...wish I had a picture

They were everywhere!

I could not get enough of the chickens, except when Joel wanted to take my picture with one. He threw the chicken and it bee-lined for Erin. Not a good moment on the farm. I did also learn that chickens will eat anything, even crispy chicken strips.

Well, if I had to choose a critter that would come by land (mouse) or air (bat), then I pick land. I had heard rumors of bats in the I slept with my head covered, but I did not get any warnings about potential mice. I only saw one though.

It was definitely an adventure! The land was beautiful and I will go back again in the future! I played golf for the first time and even managed to hit the ball :)!

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